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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"


Woh, that was awsome, dam that is a good animation, the story line is brilliant, everything was great about it, thnx 4 da great animation!!!!!!!!!!!


You did a great job on this one. Too bad they don't have a mini Yuffie.

woot! a 8er 4 u!

this was soooo awsum! I want to watch the entire series now! keep in the work, bisnatch!

giganty you cant follow story cause u didnt watch

the first 2 movies now to the review. graphics an 8 you added more graphics from the last one had many backgrounds and had your own animated sequences.style i give you a 4 too many crossover spoofs on NG but still found a way to entertain your viewers yes even the dumbasses that give 10 on everything or 0s with no explanation.sound is good niceamount of sound effects that fit with the techniques used in the movie and a few music pieces to add some emotion to your movie you get an 8.violence is a 6 not much blood in the movie just 1 time has there been blood and there has been no swearing so you could improve if you tried to. No interactivity cause its a MOVIE for the dipshits who put 10 on EVERYTHING. now for humor this is a complete action flick with no tiny bit of humor well its not a comical piece but adding humor in would be a good i dea for higher review ratings.overall much above average average is 3-4 btw.


It was really cool, but didnt make much sence to me. You should try making your movies a little more understandable.