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Reviews for "FFF:Gaiden"

tot eh last guy who reviewed this

Lockes not a ninja shadow lost to Yuffie how retarded yuffies most hated character in all ff games "Bah Humbug"

Locke....a ninja. Yuffie.....doesn't blow ass

Does Locke become a ninja not in my game and I beat FF3/6 whatever great job I'm impressed with the series I was glad when Yuffie died man does she suck but shadow dies by Yuffie that messes with my mind.


I liked the last ones, but I really enjoyed this one.

I like ninjas, and Locke is so very great.

I've seen better

not too bad, but i think the last ones were better...hopefully the next ones will improve

Sweat But...

Shouldve made Yuffie more like Shadows Graphics...sometimes she was FF7 graphics. The Parr where Locke is told about what will happen - by the girl he believes was Yuffie - and it does a close up on his eyes...so nes Grand Prix style... but Great flash