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Gun Control?!

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Tom asked for some clips on gun control so I whipped this up. It was sort of inspire by a thread in the BBS where someone was saying the best thing to do is ban all guns. Kinda simple but I think that is the point. I know it's a breach from my usual "style" but oh well. Let the chaos begin.

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i got it!

the whole gun control was a big distraction. the papers might as well have said "hey! look, a distraction!" it was a big joke, referring back to the papers it sais "all your base are belong to us" and something else witch ties in the end joke.

well, thats what i think.

Couldnt agree with you more.

If guns are outlawd, only outlaws will own guns.


England has very harsh gun control as does most of Europe. England is now wanting to ban pointed kitchen knives. Also, they are wanting pub owners to stop using glass pint glass and go to plastic ones because of the assults from them.

OK flash

Flash wasnt really the best...
Also, have you ever thought about the hunters that make living off of hunting animals with GUNS? THEY obey the law THEY (mostly) dont shoot people but THEY are getting punished for something someone ELSE did...
think that s--- over...