Reviews for "Gun Control?!"


People, please remember that it is impossible for a gun to kill a person. How can a gun kill? It is an inanimate object. The killers are the people operating the firearms.

Great message, seanbonner. Spread the word.

Shut up ignorant fool

ComradRoter you are an idiot, look at past reviews and you'll see the truth. I wonder why our own government wants us disarmed so badly. In fact, the 1968 Gun Control Act was based on the Nazi Gun Laws of 1938 which led to people being defenseless to government. Ahem, look what happened 5 years later! Remember, stay armed!

"Arms keep peace."
-Roman saying

Talk about fuzzy logic...

Alright, that was really stupid! "Bad guys with guns?" Come on now, are you really that black and white or were you just too lazy to think when you made this? Civilians shouldn't be defending their homes with weapons. Thats the job of the Police Department. You pay taxes so that people, WHO ARE TRAINED TO DEAL WITH CRIMINALS, can handle situations with armed criminals uning the correct procedure so that people don't get hurt who don't need to. The worse thing that can happen in a situation where armed criminals are involved is to have a bunch of gun-happy civilians running around with automatics and high power rifles who think they know whats going on. When civilians take it unpon themselves to fight crime and arm themselves, they only cause more chaos and make a bad situation worse.

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

dont no how many times i have heard that, but that will happen, and here is another old saying, my wife yes, my dog, maybe, my gun, NEVER, anyone who thinks guns kill people and should be banned, can kiss this, if u hate guns, apply ur lips to this image ( Y ), if guns kill people, i can blame mispelled words on my pencil.


fuck those gun-hating communists.