Reviews for "Gun Control?!"


Exactly..take that guy on forums!!!!!


Nice. Sad some people would come away from that flash learning nothing.


Its nice to see viewpoints expressed in flash movies but you could have done a lot better with the graphics the sounds and most definitely the length. I do disagree with the content BTW ;)

its your fault

its people like shiv and others that there is criminals today and peopple that kill without mercy.. cuse think about it he said its like if your mother took away your favorite toy you would be angry this shit is the reason why we are mad because you think that just because we have darker skin then you or because we cant afford an x-box for our kids that we are dangerous we are sick that we are stupid that we cant help but shoot everybody yea well fuck you just because we are dark skinned and just because we live in apartments dosent mean we will kill you but sometimes shit like this is the only thing you can do to make money like stealing and dealing but it is your fault that this happens anyway it isnt my latino brothers or my black brotrs from another or asians fault that people get killed its white peoples fault because you made guns and you came in and you killed and enslaved inbred and outlawed or religon and dont say that i shouldnt use the race card. its true because before white people came were happy people that lived on the land and didnt kill much but white people came and moved us into these living prisons that u call ghettos and u seem surprised when we act like the prisnoerd u made us to be.

Flash w/ Message

The graphics, sound and such were far from the greatest, but it got the job done by delivering a extremely importent message. It reminds me of a video tape I got from the NRA about how Great Britan and Australia's governments did practically the same thing, and look where they are now.

Good message makes up for an otherwise hastily done flash. God help us if this ever happens...