Reviews for "Gun Control?!"

Short-sighted reviewers?

Meh...I know the scores above seem strange...watch the movie to see how it's possible.

It's really too bad that you've gotten such lame reviews. Folks, yes, the movie exaggerates on the effects. Yes, that's also the point of the movie. It doesn't exaggerate as much as it would initially seem, however. The lack of guns would both drop accidental deaths, but it would spike violent crime by making the black market so much more attractive. See America's prohibition for a similar situation involving alcohol. Does the word "Mob" ring a bell? Anyone? No, the police department can't just make everyone turn in their guns, whatever moron said that. They don't even know about most of the unregistered ones.

*ahem* Back to the movie itself, this would have done better with thought-out graphics and sound, but I like the irony behind this submission.


Damn, youre right! if people dont have guns any more, criminals can do what ever they want to! and noone can stop them!

hmm... maybe we should have some sort of.. defence against them? maybe some laws against killing and stealing.. and then we could have some people enforcing those laws!
we could call them... police? how does that sound?

you my friend, are a fucking moron.

Not well animated but gives a good message

I like how it tells the truth about what would happen if we allowed that foolish million mom march to ban all guns. I can't believe that there were so many people supporting such a stupid idea. And the worst part about it is that those people would probably be spared by the criminals with guns if that bill ever took effect.


very good, verry good

good message

good message but the grafics could have been a little better