Reviews for "Gun Control?!"

Simple logic!

Why is America's crime rate so high? The reason is easy. America is the most diverse country in the world. Just about every other country on the planet is just one race. In the US, there are naturally races that hate others, so we have violence. That's why our crime rate is so high in comprison to other nations.

Now, I'm not racist or anything, but gun control is for communists. In total, 57 million people have been killed in wars because their countries banned all firearms.

People who buy guys are _not_ going to kill you.


I liked it. I think that banning guns is not the answer, what if the bad guys get up us the bomb? Then all our base are belong to them. We don't want to move zig for great justice. We want chance to survive make our time. Gun control, you have no chance to survive make your time.

seanbonner responds:

i think this is the best review I ever received. thank you.

Yeah... Alright.

I have an opinion on gun control, so I will review this movie for it's movie qualitys. Sound... ripped/sucked ass. Graphics?... 3 images motion tweened to make the illusion of animation. I got the joke, but it was a self explainatory one, so only real stupid idiots will find this funny. Lame.

Hope it never happens.

Being a 3 year NRA member I fear this day will happen. I know one thing for sure....I would never turn in my guns even if it did happen!

Someone set us up the bomb!!!

First of all, thecris2001, you have just labeled yourself as an idiot. And I'm not quite sure I followed your flawed logic, either. Oh well, morons will be morons.

How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us. As the people before me stated before, guns are merely a tool. The gun is not the criminal. The gun does not commit the crime. The gun can not be tried, it can not be killed, it can not be jailed. The gun does not think. Why blame the gun? Human nautre, of course. The gun, aswe all know, is responsible for all our nation's murders! What you say!!! Blame humans for the crimes? Of course not. Just because we have to pull the trigger doesn't make us in the wrong. No sir, the gun is EVIL. Evil I tell you! So let's blame the guns. If we get rid of guns that will fix all our problems... right?


The gun is only one tool in the criminal's arsenal. And even if guns are banned, as the movie showed, do you honestly think that the criminals will turn them in? I mean, come on here. They're -crminals-. Someone set us up the bomb! They could always use explosives. Or blades. Or even a rock. You don't fix the problem by taking away the toy. Think of it like when you wer a kid, your parents ever take your favorite toy? Weren't you angry at them afterwards? Even if we did take away guns, it would make the criminals rebel even more. Especially after they realized that without guns, msot citizens are defenseless (Excluding me, as I own a sword and am skilled in sword play *Grins*). Okay.. I've reached the point where I'm just rambling on, so, I'm done.

Oh, by the way..

Take off every Zig!!! You know what you doing, move Zig!! For great justice.