Reviews for "Gun Control?!"

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It's good that we at lest be armed...

Yes, I don't really like the fact of gun-control, but there has to be some limits, becuase owning an AK and saying it's a hunting rifle is dumb. You only need one shot to kill a deer, not 30. Anyways, the 2nd admendment says we have the right to bear arms, but it doesn't always mean guns. Arms means weapon and a sword, stakk, or knife is a weapon. So yeah, I have a staff. It really pisses me off to see the whole liberal bashing bull here. People, when will you learn that both conservtives and liberals bitching at each other on whose worse is actualy destroying the country as there not really paying attention as to whats going on?

My two cents

True that the animation and sound were poor, but I think he meant it that way.
The liberals who support gun control are clueless to the fact that police stations don't serve every town in the US. I know this is true; I lived in such a town. Oh, sure the State Police will show up, in 45 minutes to an hour. By that time you're dead. Sorry libs but when someone comes into my house at night uninvited, I want some means of "convincing" them to leave besides saying, "The police will be here in an hour."
Furthermore, the Second Amendment was meant to give the citizens a means of protecting themselves from the military and the police if ever they became a means of oppression instead of protection. But go ahead a hand in your guns, I mean, since when has the police and army been used to oppress people. *cough* USSR *cough, ehem*

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This is the first trully remarkable thing in this political page. I agree fully. Thanx for proving this point.

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Take a look at the rest of the developed world dumbass. (Britain france germany sweden Japan Italy Greece Sweden Switzerland Norway Ireland Spain Portugal LUxemburg Poland Austria etc..)