Reviews for "Gun Control?!"

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ya, i get it, wutever

yeah i get it

the clue is:guns are illegal so also the army,police etc. also dont have guns anymore

well.....those bad guys cud take over the country!

From across the pond.....

This movie has brought up an exellent point for debate. We all have a right to our views, if you americans want to keep your guns thats fine with me, but how do you define a "bad guy" or a "bad person," they might think the same of you.

The second ammendment states: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed," to me that seems to
refer to the army or the police, not individuals. Guns are part of the problem, but not all of it, they give people the method of taking others lives, and I think that if this method were removed then america would be safer, what you need to do is find a way to encourge so called "Bad Guys" to give up their arms, after all they are human to.

You can agree or disagree with me on this and of you do or dont i respect you for you views.

(oh yea on last thing, SpikeHarlem why would you vote in a government that you feel vunerable to, america is a democracy, and you're right guns arnt bad, they're tools to be used in whatever way the user wans to use it)

International Homicide Comparisons

I think its up too me to educate some of the Anti-Gun nuts around here. Hate to make you all look like children with propaganda logic from the Pop Culture media. But, here it is.

These Are Examples of Countries with Homicide Rate to the Population. Starting from the highest count in Homicides.
(Death Rate are per 100,00)

South Africa - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 41,465,00 - Total: 75.30 - Firearm: 26.60 - Non-Gun: 48.70
Colombia - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 37,500,00 - Total: 64.60 - Firearm: 50.60 - Non-Gun: 14.00
Estonia - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 1,499,257 - Total: 28.21 - Firearm: 8.07 - Non-Gun: 20.14
Brazil - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 160,737,000 - Total: 19.04 - Firearm: 10.58 - Non-Gun: 8.46
Mexico - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 90,011,259 - Total: 17.58 - Firearm: 9.88 - Non-Gun: 7.70
Philippines - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 72,000,000 - Total: 16.20 - Firearm: 3.50 - Non-Gun: 12.70
Taiwan - % of Household Guns: n/a
Pop: 21,979,444 - Total: 8.12 - Firearm: 0.97 - Non-Gun: 7.15
N.Ireland - % of Household Guns: 8.4
Pop: 1,641,711 - Total: 6.09 - Firearm: 5.24 - Non-Gun: 0.85
United States - % of Household Guns: 39.0
Pop: 272,691,000 - Total: 5.70 - Firearm: 3.72 - Non-Gun: 1.98

These statistics are scaring in the fact that the majority of deaths per 100,000 in a population of the countries of the highest death rates are NOT by Firearms.

On this America has a rather low Homicide rate for its very large population with a country that has the rate too bare arms. The numbers dont lie. We are ranked 30 out of 38 countries that were record by that countries Police systems. The pattern here is, Guns are not the problem. The BAD PEOPLE are the problem, and there are much more GOOD LAW ABIDING people with guns that dont commit murders or are NOT connected to murder used by there own guns.

Remember the most important issue here with banning guns is we will make our self vulnerable to our own government. That is not why we broke free from England 230 years ago. My god people dont be sheeple, your sheeple if you believe guns are bad. Dont be political puppets. It scaring that you people really believe that getting rid of guns will make our nation any safer from random murders, shootings, etc.

SpikeHarlem has the Answer
Eat it Micheal Moore #1 Liar


that's a good point!!