Reviews for "Gun Control?!"

Yes Sir

I couldn't agree more. Taking away our guns will do no good for America. Criminals will always have guns. They don't care about the law. There will be a much bigger black market on guns if they are banned. I personally would like a weapon to myself in case I am attacked. I am a member of the NRA and I enjoy my right to a gun as stated in the BILL OF RIGHTS. In case you don't know, the SECOND AMENDMENT give me a right to BEAR ARMS, and there's nothing more American than the Constituion of the United States. Take away my gun and criminals will have me right where they want me. Another thing, if you just so happened to remove all of the guns from the United States and could miracuously keep the black market from getting guns, criminals would just find some other weapon to use. Knives, baseball bats, heavy lead pipes, who knows? Criminals will always be criminals and will have some kind of weapon to use against little 'ol defenseless me.

Thank you.


Yay! I have found someone who agrees with me!

kinda funny but the graphics where kinda bad


Um your logic is a bit strange, mabye the reason why amercia is dangerous is because guns are legal, no other country that has made guns illegal is as dangerous as Amercia. Also if people having guns makes a country safe shouldn't Amercia be the safest country in the world? The oppisite is the reality.
Ok in a scenario where you come into contact with an armed criminal either your being assulted (in this case you either get killed or injured, a gun wont do much at this point) or robbed (are your posessions really that important to you that you would consider risking your life by pulling a gun on an already armed criminal), in which case if they already have a gun you haveing or not having a gun is going to change anything.

About the flash crap graphics and aminations thats why I am viging it a 1.

We need guns here

I understand where you're coming from groupie, but in America it really does seem that dangerous. On the news I saw a guy that somehow stole a bulldozer and converted it into a tank by putting a 3 grenade launchers (yes, grenade launchers) on the sides of it, then covering it in concrete and steel. That was REAL, not some movie. It seems that parents here would rather teach their kids about killing than they would about sex. This is probably because of Americans' Puritan heritage (Puritans hated sex). America is a bit odd in that aspect. And as for what u said about us not being able to trust our police force, that's very true. There's a lot of crooked cops here, and the criminals aren't stupid. If guns were banned here the criminals would either simply steal from the military, smuggle guns in, or steal (or buy) guns from the police. Sorry, I'm ranting, I'll stop now. XD

I don't agree.

I don't mean to cause offence for any americans by saying this, but I feel sorry for you that you feel that living in your country is so dangerous that you need guns to protect yourself, and its also a shame if what Monocrom was saying is true (that you can't rely on your own police force to protect you). I don't see why banning guns seems so stupid to you, where do you think the criminals get their guns from anyway?? They'll either buy them in a shop or steal them from people who own guns, who bought them to protect themselves from people with guns. But whatever, I don't really expect you to change your mind on this, but please don't just dismiss countries like Britain with anti gun laws, and insult us because we don't agree with you.

Oh, and to Roscoe3000, just what do you mean by "Great Britan and Australia's governments did practically the same thing, and look where they are now"? We don't live in fear of getting shot in our streets or schools, is where we are now.