Reviews for "Gun Control?!"


I agree totally automatic weapons are illegal without the proper stuff and yet criminals have automatic weaps while the law abiding person has to pay taxes on the weapon get a class 3 and wait a while.switzerland is a coutnry that requires military service and everyone keeps there gun and it has the lowest crime rate in the world,no one wants to rob a guy when he has a fully automatic military rifle in his house!.If guns were illegal the criminals would have a great advantage and the communists would attack.

that was horrible

First of all, as we can see, you took about 2 minutes making this flash, the graphics, sound, and thought.
And the thought of people being safer because they have guns is idiotic simply. The percentage of people attacked by someone with a gun who defends themself with a gun for safety is very slim.
If you have gun control laws, and let us just say all guns are removed from people and the stores. Then A. obtaining guns is much harder therefore making gun attacks less, B. the police still have guns so we are not defenseless.
So how about before shouting out your answer we think a bit and don't just do a little dance with the NRA.


Aint that the truth, i mean who would be stupid enough to think that turning in all gun power would be a good idea, it would just make the good weak and the evil stronger. The graphics were really bad sorry, i mean you could have gotten the message across alot better with something nicer to look at, i did however agree that having text instead of voices was a good choice though, i mean someone saying that would come off as corny.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Good message, crappy flash

As for the cartoon its self, that sucked. The animation was horrible and the sound was crap. The message, though, was a good one. They did a survey in prisons, and the #1 thing criminals fear isn't the cops, it isn't security alarms, it's ordinary people with guns. Criminals are going to have guns, it doesn't matter if they're legal. People have crack and pot and heroin and all that other crap, and it's illegal. Oh, and feihung98, he didn't mention black people or latinos even once.

---Too true---

This short was badly drawn even though the message is too real and true for most people to admit. As for folks who think the police will be there to stop criminals: 1) Cops can't be everywhere. 2) Come on, you know there's a lot of corrupt cops out there! You expect THEM to protect you from the armed criminals. Some of them ARE the armed criminals! 3) Trading away some freedom for greater security is the dirtiest lie in politics! Its been four years since 9/11. Do YOU feel more secure?