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Newgrounds Wiki: Experience Points

Experience Points

Much like a traditional role playing game, registered users may acquire experience points and gain levels resulting in higher status. This is done by voting on five games, movies, audio and/or art per day, for 2XP per vote.

You can only log ten points per day, unless we're having an event like a Double XP week where you can vote on ten items to log 20 XP per day.

Experience points add weight to your votes. Users with an abundance of points will have the strength of multiple voters and can have a greater impact on scores.

Experience points also unlock secrets on your account page (ok just one secret at the moment).

When the system was introduced in 1999, users could vote on each unique submission once daily. This meant you could return to Newgrounds on a daily basis and upvote the content you liked, or downvote the content you disliked. This resulted in a habit of "zero bombing" that was frowned upon and resulted in many discussions about the voting system.

In 2018 we changed everything to one vote per submission, added the ability to get XP for Art and Audio voting, while also changing to award the XP instantly, vs requiring you to vote on five things before making a single deposit.