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Newgrounds Wiki: Supporter Upgrade

If you'd like to upgrade your account, you can with the supporter upgrade.

Purchase a Supporter Upgrade or Subscription

Subscriptions are collected from your PayPal account at either monthly or yearly intervals (depending on which you subscribed to).

You are able to assign a primary payment method when you check out and alter this payment method from your PayPal account. So if you'd rather have the money come from a credit card rather than your PayPal balance, then you're able to do so.

You are also able to specify a BACKUP payment method. If your primary method fails when PayPal attempts to make the collection on our behalf, it will try your BACKUP method if you have specified one. We recommend you do create a backup method so that you're never without your upgrade!

Subscriptions that fail 5 times will be automatically cancelled.

For any further problems with the purchasing or billing process, please notify Tom.

Please ensure to include the email address you use for PayPal, the username of the account you're having problems with, and any times and dates of purchases/bills.