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Newgrounds Wiki: Blams and Saves

Blams / Saves

Blam and Protection points are earned by voting on a movie or game that is "under judgment." If a user votes a 0-1.5 on a movie and it is subsequently deleted (see deletion qualifications below), the user receives one Blam point. Conversely, when a user votes 2-5 on a movie that successfully passes the judgment phase then that user receives a protection point.

Movies are deleted if they fall below the listed score at the listed number of votes:

50 votes: 1.0

70 votes: 1.5

90 votes: 1.75

Blam and Protection points augment a user's voting power (which otherwise would be strictly based upon experience). The increase is a percentage bonus based on the user's level. You also get a fun little badge to show how 1337 you are.