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Newgrounds Wiki: Whistle Status

Flagging and Whistle Status

When viewing animation, games, art or audio on NG, notice the "flag" icon in the header above the content (you must be logged in). Clicking this will give you the option to report the content based on various criteria for being inappropriate. Reviews can also be flagged by clicking the flag button in the review.

When users flag something it is marked for review by moderators. If the offending material is removed, those who flagged it will be rewarded with whistle points. If the flags are dismissed, those who flagged may receive negative whistle points if their flags are considered to be poorly reasoned or abusive.

A user's Whistle level can go up or down depending on how accurately the user flags questionable content. If a user abuses their whistle to flag entries and reviews that do not violate our terms they will lose points and eventually be stuck with a broken whistle.

Users with broken whistles have no effect on anything they attempt to flag. However, users with a broken whistle still receive positive and negative points so they can work their way back to having the ability to notify moderators. Users who blow the whistle accurately many times can increase their whistle level to bronze, silver, gold or deity levels. Users with a higher whistle level pull more weight when they use it.

You may discuss questionable submissions in the Elite Guard Barracks.

If you are a copyright / trademark owner with a complaint, you may also refer to our DMCA page.