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Newgrounds Wiki: User Accounts

Newgrounds user accounts are completely free and the sign-up form is quick and simple. Perks of membership include:

  • Access to post in the forums
  • Ability to review submissions and keep a favorites list
  • Feeds based on artists you follow
  • Access to share your own movies, games, art and music (you must be the creator)
  • Ability to vote and determine the rank of submissions.
  • User page
  • Tool for creating playlists
  • Secret features

When you create an account, you are provided a user page where your name is the URL prefix, for example TeraVex is https://teravex.newgrounds.com.

From the account page you can update your general information or check on earnings if you are enrolled in rev-share.

Most important of all, you get lots of SHINY STATS! They are:

You can also become a Supporter, which removes ads, allows name changes and other perks!

User Page Guidelines

Your user page may not have nudity / NSFW material in the profile picture or header.

Your user page may not be used to promote hate.

Please see the Content Submission page for regulations regarding movies, games, art, audio and blogs.