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Newgrounds Wiki: User Accounts

Newgrounds user accounts are completely free and the sign-up form is quick and simple. Perks of membership include:

  • Access to post in the forums
  • Ability to review submissions and keep a favorites list
  • Feeds based on artists you follow
  • Access to share your own movies, games, art and music (you must be the creator)
  • Ability to vote and determine the rank of submissions.
  • File storage
  • User page
  • Secret features
  • More stats than you can shake a banstick at, you 1337 pwner!

When you create an account, you are provided a user page where your name is the URL prefix, for example PsychoGoldfish is http://psychogoldfish.newgrounds.com.

From the account page you can update your general information or check on earnings if you are enrolled in rev-share.

Accounts also include file storage for collaborating with partners. Upon upload, each file is given a random URL and linked only to the uploader's list of stored files. The only other people who have access to them are those who are given the URL for a particular file.

Most important of all, you get lots of SHINY STATS! They are:

You can also become a Supporter, which disabled ads, allows name changes and other perks!