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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"

that wa awsome!

man that was so fuking badass! i found all the egss , and was laoughing so hard! quadrog, and frofrog, quadrog, and frofrog , AND SKERRLE! ahahhah, i 4got the names though...

McRhyme responds:

Thanks! Glasd you liked it!

Yup. that was brilliant.

Btw, i collected all the eggs, and i liked the ending. it was tricky tho.


That was a very great and original piece of work.

I especially liked the drunk guy and the bartender. Comedy genius.

Keep up the great work.

Looking forward to a frofrog 3



And stupid. The animation was okay and the artwork was good. But it was realy boring and really not funny.

Fantastic work as always

I was a big fan of the Ytown Public series.
The humour had just the right level of zane and zest, and its great to see it translated so well in to this sci-fi series.
The jazz music was a nice touch, really helped to set the scene.
If there is something that needs imporving, it just that the characters speak just a touch too softly.
And yes, I got all 9 eggs ^^
Keep it up.