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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


Very, very funny cartoon. One question. Did you realize that the city you used, Umbrella City, was from Resident Evil? Just wondering if you knew...

McRhyme responds:

WHAT?! What are you talking about?

Is there an Umbrella City in Resident Evil? That's just insane? Does the city have a big umbrella like a dome?

Please email me about this. I need to know!

This is a great series and i liked...

1.The easter egg treat.
2.The Blak hole grog idea.
3.The handdone backgrounds.
4.The humour for those that say there isnt any your just dense.
5.Everything else.
Keep the series up i have also reviewed the 2nd.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you! It's good people check out the UPDATED VERSION of this episode!

Good graphics...but I didn't laugh once.

Above sentence sums it up really... *shrugs*

McRhyme responds:



good graphics

good... like yp better but.... this does show potential so keep up the story and awsome graphics

McRhyme responds:

Some people do like YP better, but I think it's just because you've only seen the first DF episode. I will submit DF2 soon and along with it a new updated version of DF1.

Now is that good news or what?

Ooooh me head!

Hilarious! Although the paintings really stood out as compared to the rest of the cartoon. Still, great stuff, especially the black hole grog! Although I did kind of leave off wondering how it all ends... I suppose I should have been collecting easter eggs!

McRhyme responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. The backgrounds are what makes this series so special. It makes it all so... arty!

Haha! See you later when I submit ep2.