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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


This was funny. It could be a real cartoon. Loved looking for the eggs, made me more interested to watch the flash. Tricky little buggers to catch, though. I had to watch it 3 times to get them all. Didn't want to use the pause method other people used. Too easy that way. Anyway, nice job, dude.

Origanal, but needs improvement.

It's great to see someone with original ideas and creativity make something.

I enjoyed the characters and the humor, but things moved very slowly and there were lapses with nothing filling them. Sometimes this makes sense in a movie because you are building suspense, or another element, but here it felt unintentional. Start off with Violence, sex, something supernatural, and the promise of more of all three (Shakespeare always had one or more in the first 15 minutes of his plays). Especially for an NG crowd. Then condense everything to the bare minimum. Take out all lines that don't move things along. You are making a very short film, so each second needs to bee treated as important.

Liked the hand-drawn graphics, but try to use color to bring out form rather then a coloring book approach.
Liked the humor. The axes. He promised not to cheat and to only use one of his brains. The black-hole grog.
Cut it down, speed it up, and have a satisfying plot in each episode, even if it is a piece of a whole.

nice try. . .but

Love da music. it looks well though out, but falls short of the mark. Looking forward to wat u gonn do to improve on a great idea.

that was total crap

the cheap humor shown in this flah was only funny for 2 seconds, it got old/stale quickly, yet you continued with the same idea of the axe. The bartender bit was just sad, and the fact i went through watching it 3 times untill i collected all eggs was such a waste of my time. it was a real let down to find that the exclusive part of the flash was just showing that retarded squirl thing multiple times... absolute garbage. and why the fudge was the chick human u sci fi geek?

i like it!

mooo i like it and hope to see more submissions from this guy!