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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


If you press the right click when a egg pops up, click Play & puase the movie so you can get them all.

Good Shit!

Very funny! I liked your sense of humor. I had to watch it a few times for the eggs when I realized I could just pause it when I saw an egg, click it, then return to my viewing pleasure! Very funny bonus for collecting the eggs, too! Quadro!ch ch and Frofrog! chch and Skerrel!

cool cool

ok ur music doesn't seem to be able to come back..haha..great preloader...cool stuff with all the eggs...but it's nigh-impossible to collect them all unless u watch it over and over again...and it's a bit long for that...oh well...good work and stuff...strange humor tho...the talking was a bit soft...and the subtitles obscured by ppl sometimes

Very nice

Hehe, great work I loved it. Its to bad some people didn't bleh, then they suck. but its clearly noticable that you worked very hard on these and I commend you for that, great job^^

door slammed open, hehehe

yeah i love hitchhiker's too, so i'm kinda biase3d. you clearly put a lot of work into these, but you can't be surprised when some people don't have the attention span to watch a five minute cartoon with no nudity. i thought it was great, so, anyways, on to number two.