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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"

This was interesting but it was so confusing to me as i was paying attention more on the eggs than the story of this entire thing....

I got bored of watching this after i attempted more than 3 times and i didn't wanna see the real ending anymore... or whatever ending was to be see if i had gotten all 9 of them.

goddamn eggs....X( This was good to earn something. Incredible idea!


I liked the part where he started chasing the one guy with an axe... HE-He-he... HA-Ha-ha... HO-Ho-ho... And so on and so forth...

Not bad!

I gotta say that was some pretty decent stuff. And the easter eggs are a bit tricky. I can't wait for part 2 to come out!

Nice but...

There a little wrong! why is there easter egg 9/10

Random, funny though

Cant wait for next one to come out! Loved the eggs, though I hated the bouncing one. Took me 7 tries to get that one =( but it was fun anyways =)