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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


It was great work. The voices were great. I would say the coolest thing about it was the intro/segway between scenes that were done almost like a scetch pad. Especially the band in the beginning.

McRhyme responds:

I really like the intro too! I don't know why - I made it very late one night and didn't even think I would keep it, but when I saw it the next morning with fresh eyes, I was very pleased (and suprized).

And the intro music, aah parfait!


I really ejoyed it, even if i'm like an old goat :P

Hope to see some trailer for the new episode.
Great Graphics and atmosphere, and i loved the Dvd style you used for the menu :)

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I did want the menu to offer loads of information as I have worked very hard on the animation - I didn't just want to throw it away as another piece of animation! I'm glad you like the smokey, dark atmosphere. I don't think I'll give away anything till it's ready. The plot will be very cool though!

Hey don't be sad, try again! The bonus scene is really cool!


i see someone put alot of work into this.. and wow the result is wounderfull... like an real cartoon, but with a twist of grown up.. i thought of Discworld alot...

I enjoyed it, and i am looking forward to the next ep.

ha det bra och lycka till! =)

McRhyme responds:

Discworld is a great thought! I love that stuff, and Monkey Island even more! The bar scene is almost like a scene for such a point and click game. I'm glad you thought it was "grown up", I like that the jokes are mature and that the overall impression is "Interesting...".
Vilken musikskola går du på?

Good Start to a Series

The animation style is unique and very smooth (the visual gag of the bouncing black hole was great), and the easter eggs is a nice touch (and yes I got them all, nice bit of goofy fun at the end there). The voice work could use a little improvement, not that the voices were bad (the robots were real good) it's just the dialogue pacing was a little slow (the bit over picking a drink went on a bit too long, though the sleeping thing was good) and sometimes hard to understand (the subtitles help but aside from the robot ones they're hard to read at times).

McRhyme responds:

Thank you for writing such a nice review. It is pretty hard to get the voices to be just right, and I know it's a bit slow - But remember, they are sitting in a pub, not at a rave party. I made the robots' subtitles very big cuse their voices are even harder to hear.

Done Pretty Good!

I like the preloader, I liked the movie the way it was drawn, the fact that there were easter eggs to collect was cool.

Though I read you liked South Park, I couldnt get a feel for this movie, I thought it was a good movie, but I really well started to get bored with the movie.

It had some slight humor, but the comedic value wasnt too good, in my own opinion but maybe that isnt what you were going for. The plot needed to flow a bit better, and if it was supposed to be a comedy, it just was off timing a bit, I mean you know the saying Timing is Everything in a joke, and some of the ongoing gags were too long, like the what do I want to drink, and the smacking the other guy.

Why did the guy have an axe in his head? And why is Frofrog so angry? Is he supposed to be slightly psychotic? I didnt catch a feel off of him, if he is supposed to be random, you still need more of a plot to allow a character a central character to be random.

This is the longest review, I've ever written, and I think you did really well on your movie without a doubt, good job. Just trying to offer some constructive criticism.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you indeed for your constructive criticism. I need it and read it very carefully!
The bar scene is sort of slow, but there are some things going on beside the conversation. I wanted it to have a slow jazz feel. Like they we're hung over the hundred night around.

Frofrog being random. Interesting thought. He tends to get violent, which is funny because he seems to calm at first. Like a friendly fat guy!

The timing might be off at some points but I've seen the movie too many times now, that I can't really tell anymore.