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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"

Not Bad.

I dont see how hes a detective though.... and he dosnt realy have a fro?
well any ways, the animation was great, i had a laugh when the guy turned into a black hole, that was good. Come out with some more episodes, it dose have potential

that was horrible

I guess it was ok, really, REALLY slow and long tho.


It might not be the funniesy movie but it has an origanle idea, good graphics and i loved the creativity. A little more funny and it would have bean the best ever.

nicely done

This was ok and was quite interesting - you are clearly a very skileld arttis and flash maker :) But i like your creativity this was quite unusual but i didnt really understand what was heppning at time. anyway, good job!

i like the bartender too

it has potential i think. very interesting and i'd like to see more. The backgrounds are really cool, but the characters need to look a little more slick and less choppy black lines....jus my opinion.. the music fit well with the P.I. feel