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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


That was damn cool and i got all the nine eggs whoooohoooo it took me 3 times but that doesn't matter cuz this movie rules yep it's a damn good movie

McRhyme responds:

Thank you! Collecting all eggs takes some practice!

I love it

Hahaha that looked like Futurama meets Dilbert!
hehe Super babe collected

McRhyme responds:

I've shown to movie to some friends (that didn't see it at all until it was finished) and they all crack up at the robot-voices, and especially the robotic laughs. And I personally think that "Super Babe collected" is an excellent line.

ye well...

i found all eggs... and the movie is ok...

McRhyme responds:

Finding all eggs is easy. The trick is to pick them up :)

It was good...

i liked the when i had to find the eggs for the secret ending.

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, it was a good idea :)


Är du från Sverige? Marcus Dahlström låter svenskt..

McRhyme responds:

Jepps, I'm very Swedish. Live in Lund now.