Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

5star's some of the best controls I have seen in a log time well done sir keep up great work and looking forward to next update!

Top notch game with art I can't get enough of, can't wait to see this continued.

it's good, needs a save/continue feature and since it's a sex game probably a way to see the, you know, sex scenes

This game has a bunch of potential and I really love the movement (slightly frustrating but not too much). I have also seen the other comments about this game, so instead of trying to figure out max upgrades try to figure out what puzzle elements you want first. 2 potential puzzle elements that could work is a 'rolling mechanic' or maybe a little drone guy the avatar could activate some of the switches. The pit fall wasn't that obvious, as I tried to go through the exit of that first instead of finding the real entrance. Maybe block the exit with the moving door instead of blocking off the exit before the ramp to the final area? I understand why you did what you did, and a second suggestion for game design would be to make some sort of lighting system to indicate the buttons in the first place (don't know if that is what Metroid did, never played it) or at the very least a way to indicate power is moving through the floor in a certain direction (like hollowed rocks that glow a soft -insert color here- pulsating towards the trapdoors and doors you can find.
In addition, maybe make it so that the porn is an afterthought and is integrated in level design, not the other way around (like aphrodisiac clouds that make it so the avatar needs 1 hit to be stunned and cannot fight under its effect because she holds her hand up to her face to try to not breath in the fumes, I feel like those plants we saw could easily produce pollen that could have this effect in the temple).
All in all, this is a great start, and I am looking forward to what this turns into.
Edit: remove the exit button on the menu screen from browser, it looks like it crashes the game

Fun and very responsive platformer, with nice graphics and hidden ending.
Before finding new ending i wasn't sure if the main character was a futa or regular female (because of your gallery), but now I now