Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

so close to being a great v-slice, but when I got the "Obviously a boss monster is coming" room and you give the THX4PLYNG it was a huge anticlimax you got it 90% of the way there for perfect demo imo then just dropped it. rest of the game was cool and it's a great start to something that could be epic

The platforming is actually really enjoyable. Do agree w/other comments that the game lacks personality. IMO a good start is bumping the lewd up to eleven, eg the floor attacks could be tentacles and the fireballs could induce Kincaid to masturbate. Adding h-sounds would also be helpful. Overall shows potential.

Pretty cool and all, but can you call it a metroidvania when there's no minimap? XD
We need skillz, upgradez. and a whole lotta more fucking Z.

CookieDraggy responds:

I removed the metroidvania tag for now. It is going to be one, once we fleshed everything out, but I understand that for now it is still false advertising! ^w^

Controls are responsive and the art style is charming but that's about all the nice things to be said. The level design needs a large rework as basic issues stop it from being an enjoyable experience. Passageways above are blocked by invisible blocks leading to trial by error jumps when the current screen should just match the size of the entranceway. Enemies are crammed into small corridors where you're forced to take damage. Pathways opened by switches aren't distinguished by any markers leading to aimless backtracking till you see the pathway opened up. The sex scenes are the same generic button mash to not get fucked gimmick that hasn't been updated since the early 2000s that requires you taking damage and eventually dying(despite being a game that would obviously want you to see the sex making it bad game design). Lastly it's not a metroidvania if you show off nothing but a jump and an attack. The game has no mechanics to make it special or memorable and as such even as a demo is unremarkable.

Not trying to be an asshole, but this needs substance to be a real game. A central mechanic, a story, a character, or at the very least a fun gimmick to keep someone playing this over the hundreds of platformers that exist, and 16 bit titties are not enough.

CookieDraggy responds:

Thank you for playing and I appreciate the candidness! :)

I removed the Metroidvania tag/text until I fleshed out the game much further. Sorry for the confusion, I intend it to be one, once it is fully fleshed out. The next few builds will focus on the character's abilities and once we have a fun concept for a "max'ed out Kincaid", we will focus on fleshing out the world around her much more.

The base gameplay feels great. I think the map design so far is very good. The sex animations could be a bit clearer. The art was great in the game over scene. Maybe you could have there be a victory scene for when the MC beats enemies, or have some scenes that you can find around the map. It might also be fun to have collectables around the map that are difficult to get too. Like maybe you could collect pages and after collecting a certain amount you could unlock a special scene.

I like the design of the armored geckos and I also like that you can slash the projectiles. I would want a little more personality for the characters, and some more challenging platforming. Might also want to add more movement options such as a dash or a double jump.

Just some ideas. Good luck.