Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

pretty solid game the controls worked fine are there going to be more enemy and scenes

This is an amazing start, I cans see this becoming an amazing game. I think, like others have thought that this needs more sex positions/enemies. However, I think you should include a gallery reward that unlocks all the sex scenes (which i guess is just two for now) when you win so that you get a reward for winning the game.

Awesome. just needs more bad guys and more positions

GREAT! would be nice if there was a duck/crouch mechanic so you can dodge in narrow hallways.

The controls are super smooth and platforming is so much fun! I'd love to see her movement abilities expanded, maybe with a double jump or a wall grab. There's really a lot of potential here.

The graphics are great, and the character designs are super cute. I liked the visual novel elements that showed up if you lose to the lizard guys, but it would have been nice to get a reward for finishing the demo x3 I know a lot of these games have sex scenes when you take damage, which kind of encourages getting hit and losing, but it'd be cool if there were bonuses for doing well. (Maybe the option to stun enemies and initiate a sex scene.)

Can't wait to see how this project develops! It's looking amazing so far.