Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

While nicely done, I'm disappointed that it's once again a form of "lose to get the porn".
I mean porn is felt by the player like an award, yet it's always used by the devs as a punishment... It doesn't make us want to keep playing!

CookieDraggy responds:

I see what you mean. I intend to put in both... Enemies stick around after being defeated because I intend Kincaid to be able to initiate stuff. Also there will be interactions with NPCs.

Although quite a short demo, I believe this has massive potential and was very fun and enjoyable. The game runs smoothly most of the time, with minor hiccups here and there, However, this may be due to my hardware rather than the game itself.

Some issues, although small, could be fixed to create a more enjoyable experience. increasing the size of the projectiles could make them stand out more, as I was frequently hit by what appeared to be invisible projectiles. I also experienced a glitch where enemies could shoot instantly upon aggro. When transitioning from screen to screen, I often hit my head on the platforms on the screen above, causing me to be sent right back down. A visual cue as to where is is safe to jump might help avoid this.

Overall, however, this game is fun and plays very well. Controls are tight and responsive, jumps are challenging but not unfair, and the design flows nicely from one area to the next. Excellent work!

I thought the physics were awesome, spot on. I scooted through the whole thing in less than 5 min. really enjoyable running through it, no difficulties. the 1 sex scene is a good beginner scene in the game, looking forward to more.
one suggestion for those, is to make it so multiple enemies can join in at the same time, such as one stuns you, the scene starts, halfway through another enemy comes up and joins in and starts a tag team scene. in keeping the health bar, should implement some checkpoint system. it would be cool as well, if you could stun enemies and top them, kind of like offensive and defensive scenes, pending on who stuns who. additionally, if the enemy grabs you from the front or back, could change the scene.
also some appearance mod, different clothing options, and multiple costumes.

cant wait for the next one!

Pretty good showcase as a game demo. Once you get into the temple, there are 2 major mobility issues I found. One is that when you go between rooms, you can hit invisible ceilings which is annoying and gimps you for no reason. The other is that some jumps require you to be pretty much completely off the platform which is also unreasonable. The player should expect to jump from at most the edge of the platform and anything beyond that is a bit excessive in terms of platform distance.

Attack mechanics and deflection mechanics were smooth, and the graphics were pretty pleasant to look at. The animated sex scene should have scene controls so people can choose how fast they want to go through the animation. Other than that I look forward to the next update!

Please, make possibility to scip sex scenes.