Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

Well that's a great game. As a tech demo and proof of concept it looks good. The animation is smooth and the pixel art is vibrent and colourful as well as detailed. I was able to see the arm bands of the Lizards quite well. Also I know that a gallery mode would be inclusive to this and I have an idea that might actually work as well as prove something of a challenge to players as well. As Kincaid seems to visiting different planets I'm guessing she might have a home base. Then, and this is where the "gallery" mode comes in. On the station she has a special room for taking say a inhabitant from each planet to present to an employer (I'm assuming shes a Merc). And this room could be the improptu gallery BUT in order to access the different sex poistions and such then the player must find a unique enemy somewhere in the levelthat has a different look and attack from the others, and they are harder to takwe down so the player has to earn the scene instead of being given it. So let's say for instance the unique lizard. He could be blue and his unique attack is he fires 2 pellets from his catapult. Then once captured he would then stand in for the lizards. And maybe have each of the captives with a personality as well like the lizard could be rather timid and shy but he finds Kincaid to be rather attractive and we could learn that he is a runt from the tribe that was always mocked and jeered at for being weak. Of course thats an idea I came up with as I was writing this. I can see this having a lot of substance.

im not exactly the biggest fan of pixel art porn, but pixel in general is something i really like seeing. The animations and art are just great, and the platforming feels nice. i saw that you can reach some secret areas, and some bricks seemed to be made of different materials so i expect to see more when it comes to map exploring.
overall short but i enjoyed it.

I liked the game and hope the full version is out soon I want to play it more haha
what I didnt like was that the jumping was alittle tough to get exactly on that tiny block with my keyboard I kept falling off but I did finally get it so the challenge was good. I saw you say there was a way to get into the temple? I tried pressing up on the open door and clicking it and nothing happend can anybody tell me how to get into the temple? gonna play again and try to get into the temple? really love the artwork and when you do lose and get the lizard scene I really enjoyed the art there ;D

So my biggest complaint is the current keybindings. There's no need for me to have both hands on the keyboard, especially for a game like this and it only using 6 keys. I don't care witch side of the keyboard you put it on, or if you allow it to be customizable (that would be preferred), but a game like this should leave a free hand. ;) Obviously the demo was short and I was disappointed that only one of the two enemy types had a sex animation. I was also disappointed that there wasn't anything for completing it. :( BUT! The controls worked well, and the art and animation were good. It certainly has promise even though the demo is very basic. I kinda get a LOK vibe from the fox and lizards, but everything is still unique. I can't wait to see some of the story and I hope to see this be a finished game.

Too short.

CookieDraggy responds:

I agree! Working on fixing that! ^w^