Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

Amazing Game. GG

I dunno if anyone has said this on Patreon or somewhere else but it's so bizarre cuz my middle my is actually Kincaid so yeah anyways like quite a bunch of peeps here and on Patreon can't wait for the full build! And now a random image from some comic thing I found on a Furry JOI archive thingy! https://s2.desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/trash/image/1481/50/1481504532029.png

Excellent stuff here! It's amazing how so many games miss the basics but right away I see camera controls working a treat! The art is nice and the movement is fluid.
I almost didn't see any adult stuff (and what I did see was brief and too small to recognize) but I'd gladly play this as a non-adult game!
I did get stuck briefly between screens but managed to wiggle my way out. I don't think having blockages in the next screen should occur. Extend that blockage to the first screen to make movement more fluid. Also, I'd make the buttons a bit more obvious. Right now, they're flat coloured protrusions...

Great work on this so far! A few words of feedback for now-

Pros: Lovingly detailed pixel art that keeps things simple, but still hot when things get nice and steamy. Quite the cutie for a protagonist! Kincaid is nice, spunky, and the expression changes when she gets roped into some quality time is a great touch that makes her a believable protagonist in this game! The platforming can be tough, but it's always fair, and that's what matters. Two simple mechanics are explained and tested, with no cheap shots or tricks. It's refreshing to see, in a platformer!

Cons: If you hold down the jump button, it keeps jumping when you hit the floor. While fine in the beginning, for precision platforming, this makes things difficult. The lack of music makes things fairly quiet, but it's relaxing in its own right. A few sound effects when the 'action' starts might make things better.

love it