Reviews for "Chickaboom"

This game has the potential to become a really good tosser, but there's two things that are keeping it back, namely:
1. Lack of colissions. There's so few things you can encounter at ground level that once you're under a certain height the run has basically ended. At higher points it's better, but still not good enough. It's far too common to finish a throw without impacting against anything.
2. Lack of saving feature. Seriously, I wouldn't mind the slower pace, but having to redo all from the beggining every time is absolutely unnacceptable in a game like this.
If you could fix those two things, this game would be a 9/10 for me.

nice but could use a mute button or volume adjustment (no one uses those on this site anymore apparently)

The whole falling through the ground thing absolutely kills this game for me. So frustrating to have to refresh my browser and then lose out on my progress.

I love launching games, so I decided to give this game a chance, and I really liked it. The concept of being a wizard and using an immortal chicken able to resist all your spells was a nice idea (I wonder what happened with the sorting hat), some spells are creative, and I liked the chicken's animation, and the maps in general.

However, the game feels a bit slow when we talk about progress, fortunately for us, it saves our progress, so we don't have to get all the medals in one day, also, for the next one maybe you can include a pause option, or mute. The music is good, but having the option to mute a game is more than welcome.

I hope you continue making good games, this one has potential.

P.S. Link, if you are reading this, don't play this game, the chicken may attack you and kill you.

why, just why? this got frontpaged and got a daily 2nd place, and this is just a terrible insarasion of turtle toss, I don't get it, why would you rip off and inspire a game that got the highest scores? think of something else good, why don't ya, and improve your art syle!