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Reviews for "Chickaboom"

@cjmasterawesome, it has a mute button in the spellbook.....I thoroughly enjoyed the game. It does get too easy when you upgrade the Magic Missles. Still can't tell if there is an ending. I'm a level 35 wizard.

Needs a mute button.

Enjoyed the game, but ran into an interesting bug with the Flappy Chicken upgrade, that allowed me to level up impossibly fast. On several occasions the dragon would spawn as soon as I used the power up, and knock my flappy chicken off the screen and into orbit, the chicken bypass all the obstacles and continues to gain height and speed indefinitely so long as I do not click anywhere, as soon as I click my mouse the chicken returns to normal speed, and starts to lose height, eventually falling back to the ground.

The bug happened several times but I could not reliably replicate it. But I broke 150,000+ metres several times because of it, before getting bored and clicking my mouse.

Do a throw the baby simulator next.

having issues loading the game not sure if its me or unity all i keep getting is "buffer array failed" any hints on what do?