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Reviews for "Chickaboom"

There's a lot you did right here. I love tossing games. I especially like complicated tossing games, and this is complicated. I like how the Quick Mastery spell adds a layer of complexity to what spells you choose. I like the sound effects. I've not seen any lag manifest itself. Thee are a few glaring flaws, in my opinion. I would have liked a pair of volume controls. One for music, one for sound effects. Also, I beg you, please implement a kill switch. Any kind of "cancel this try, I don't need the gold, just freaking choke the chicken!" button. (So to speak.) The reason I ask so desperately for this, is that for three runs in a row, I managed to get my launch spell perfect. "Nice" But ended up hitting a chunk of rock midair near the apex of my flight, and had to wait. watching while the damned bird flew backwards, shedding distance and thus XP and gold. It gets boring. I don't mind that it happens. It's honestly a funny mechanic to include! But if I could just hit "kdcn" (Kill Da Chicken Now!) to get out of having to watch that, it would be awesome. I was over 1500 meters up, and hauling the kind of ass you expect to be hauling at that height. So it took a while. Overall this is good. I'd like to see a more developed version of it. 5 runs, now, actually. Please, let me choke my chicken. *rim-shot*

Is there anyway to reset progress? I wasn't signed in when I started playing, and now none of the medals are working for me (even new ones that I'm qualifying for).

I want to keep playing, but would really prefer to have the medals work.

Chickaboom chickaboom don'tcha just love it chickaboom chickaboom boom boom

The game captures the things that make launcher games so much. However, there are a fair few few issues.

Occasionally, the chicken can fall through the floor which results in needing to reset the game by reloading the page.

Quick Mastery feels too potent. Some sort of restrictions on it would probably balance the game more, and give a reason to level up the other spells.

A mute option on the main screen, while the chicken is in flight, would be appreciated.

My actual high score is 41,329,452m, Newgrounds reported an uploaded score of -1,620,221m on the day I uploaded my score for that run. Seems like there's an overflow error somewhere between the game and Newgrounds' API.

Jesus Bleeding Christmas!... when you reach a certain level you just keep trucking!... this game is awesome.... the only down side are the freaking rocks!.. stupid rocks XD