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Reviews for "Chickaboom"

A Toss the Turtle game for Unity, but with some unique upgrades twists!)
Including the ability to launch BACKWARDS!
Not bad, not bad at all.)))

i would love to know how fast i am. but very good.

Cant get enough of this :U

While this game is quite fun and reminds me of Burrito Bison (my favorite toss style game) I do want to add my voice to the pile of growing complaints about the boulder. You need to be *extremely* careful adding punishment mechanics based solely on rng. Seeing your score rocketing up stupendously fast only to see it zip down almost as fast simply because a barrier said "not today!" is a huge negative play experience for this kind of game. Most players looking at toss games will not look kindly upon that, and like with me, will be reflected in the score we give it. Would have easily given you at least another star if not for the boulder. Or at least add a "restart launch" option if you insist on keeping the boulder, I'd much rather start my launch over than watch my score of 3k+ become 100 because of rng.

Good Tosser with a personality of its own!