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Reviews for "Chickaboom"

Would've gone higher but the game is broken. If you manage to go too fast, you fall through the ground and don't bounce back up. Also, if you chain enough Quick Mastery spells together with the asteroids spell to get it to over level 500, you will completely break the game. It's actually funny to watch.

My chicken has hit the ground right into bugged spot and now he's travelling over -5km+ under the map. Can't reset/finish this round because he's still falling down and down...


Cute little rendition of a cannon game. Good little time waster. Music is a little repetitive but, over all not bad

The game would be a five star for me except being able to fly through the ground after 100,000 m. Edit: An ad-hoc "stop flight" can be made out of the flappy bird spell. If you fall through the ground just activate that spell whenever you want to stop.