Reviews for "Chickaboom"

Nice job, it's a bit addictive. You could put in a few more objects that hinder the progression of the chicken as I believe the only thing right now is the boulder on the ground to make it a bit more interesting. I also felt that apart the powerups didn't expand the gameplay by all that much. Also for its basic gameplay it may be a bit slow. All in all, good tribute to the games you were inspired by and hope it was a good learning experience to "launch" you into making even better games xD

Love the animation and the art style. The magic powers and upgrading are fun. Cool "launcher" game and I like the wizard based weapons system and style. Keep on making great stuff like this and you'll be sorted :)

i got stuck on an exploding cloud, you should make it so that things that make you move faster can only send the chicken in one direction. i didnt even make it past the second level of wizard it was fun though

Sick of clones that aren't even as good as the game they're trying to clone. Look if you're going to clone a game, make it at least as good as the original. The progression in this is slow and unrewarding, gameplay gets stale fast, scene does not change until level 5. Why am i a wizard? The skills and abilities are poorly balanced. Flappy chicken? you cloned 2 games in 1, and neither clones are as good as the original? wow.

Very fun take on a classic game, would be 5 stars but 3 big problems, I love the sound and graphics though.
1 No Save Button, if i have to reload the game (see #2) I have to start over.
2 Glitch encountered several times where I go through the ground.
3 Needs a way to end the flight early.

other recommendations include change the big Ice chunk in the air to slow chicken down not reverse direction and change the chicken flapping spell, it is flawed ( can just fly forever over the walls) but very slow.