Reviews for "Chickaboom"

Heads up, there's no ceiling on the flappy chicken game. Also, the game starts to really freeze up once you hit 100,000m.

There is a bug that can make the chicken go underground, leaving it to more horizontally indefinitely since there's no friction to make it stop. The only way to (apparently) fix it is to restart the game or wait for an integer overflow of the y-axis

This remake adds nothing to the original, and infact does everything worse. Whoever made this game should be ashamed that they made a game that's worse than one that was made nearly a decade ago.

Fun take on a timeless classic! I especially like the cinematic music and the details on the background landscapes. Chicken noises and items were cool too. Can't give you too many points for originality, but the climactic and addictive qualities of "toss" games will always win me over. Keep up the good work, man! ^_^

Did spend some time on this game and found it quite funny. The progress is a bit slow at first but my real problem is the end game. When you get to level 20 and spend your cash wisely one could keep that chicken going for hours (figuratively). Also the meteor spell sends it off screen and if you spawn the spell then you are basicly stuck watching numbers and stars while the chicken is off screen for most of the time. Migth want to include more chance of collision since it would require use of the proctive spells and several different spells overall.