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Reviews for "Chickaboom"

Very nice game! :) ... but you might want to check the graphics at high flying speeds - the numbers become slightly unreadable:

So... not as great at clubbing a penguin, or bashing a bison, but almost as fun.
Two major flaws:

1st, this game doesn't save data like most flash games do.
2nd, the chicken clipped through the ground... twice. Which meant I could not stop the game abruptly, and I would have to start over again.

Not a new idea, but a nice new twist to an old one! Smooth graphics, good gameplay and tonnes of medals. What's not to like!


Awesome game, but my progress got deleted. :( Overall, a well-constructed game. I like the D&D references and crazy things in the sky.

Hey, really nice game. I had a lot of fun playing it. With the magic, it's a nice twist on the good old tossing games.

I think, the magic missles are a bit overpowered. Even more if you combine them with spell warp and ice blast.
I used a lvl 26 magic missle together with a lvl8 spell warp combo +3 plus spell warp/ice blast for the last spells. this resulted in 26*8*3 = 624 queued missles which fired at and triggered ice blasts. With this combo, i reached a hight of 8000m and a distance of 3 million meters without any trouble. The speed at this point broke the graphics.
Another issue with a distance of 3 million meter is, that the exp allows for only one level up at a time, so the the bar goes out of the screen and every 1 meter toss I do results in a lvl up since i'm waaaay over ep.

Also, once the graphics broke, I now don't see my highscore in the game anymore. It is posted and updated on newgrounds though.

I took screenshots, especially of the broken graphics. I can share them, if you are interested.