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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

Ok this game is good. I'm running into the unfortunate problem of "I can barely stomach the game because LAG! But it's so good." I am playing this game on Edge though, which isn't known for it's oh so amazing ability to do anything outstanding. If you could have a downloadable version of the game that would be great.

Music is solid as well. I'd have to ask if you could maybe upload the sound track to Newgrounds or something (if it is yours of course) because it is fine. The menu and interaction button could use a switch maybe to 'Z' or 'V' or 'C', just not 'Space' (or perhaps make it possible to bind keys to whatever the player wants because 'Space' scrolls my whole page and I can't fix it because I don't have a scroll lock button on this damn laptop).

I like the story so far and the art is solid. It's got that Final Fantasy, Streets of Rage, Metroid vibe sown together really nicely. Would also like to point out 'Psychic' should probably be 'Telekinesis.' I mean sure, Pokémon, Psychic Types, but by definition it should be Telekinesis. Even in Pokémon, Psychic leans more to debilitation, control, and reading minds (which is what I expected when I picked it) instead of physical force with the mind. It's fine though, just slightly wrong ("Only slightly wrong. You see that work you did? Yeah it's wrong, change it to be right." But seriously it's fine, it's just technicality).

As for the HUD in general, perhaps putting the move set list at the top or left side. It's a bit out of the way and could be a little more obvious. I'm not the kind of person that has tunnel vision and misses looking at parts of my screen but it is out of the way enough so if you aren't zoomed out 75% of the window in order to see everything you miss it. I can see how people would miss it and then comment they didn't know what the controls were and get mad. I don't ever like it, but I can see why. Might as well avoid it wherever possible.

Combat is nice and fresh. I don't always get to see the 'every field is a battle field. Always be ready to fight something that jumps out at you." Combined with the sort of on the spot thinking about what to use like Metroid. It's a nice balance that rewards a more skilled player. It'll be interesting to see how you balance the story-telling and action here. All really depends on the story-telling and how it ties in to reason. Heroes verses villains it a pretty good reason alone, admittedly.

To Summarize ('cause I'm going on and on)
This sound track tho. I'm gonna be lookin' for it if you have it sitting around. If not, you gotta get on releasing it. HUD, Menu and a couple controls can use some tweaking. A downloadable version would be nice ('cause LAG). Should also suggest compiling all the episodes together into one game when you're done. Have fun with this. Great to see coming out of the wood-works. Good luck. Have a nice day.

a good game had a problem of not being able to change the games and the fact that i spoke to the character about a ritual withut knowing what it is