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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

Found a softlock. If you approach the soldiers in the desert town and you have the tires directly behind you when they tell you to back off you automatically step back but since the tires block your path you can't do anything. Otherwise I liked it

ashes face looks a bit derpy in the cowgirl and the 2nd to last scene her lips look weird but its still fucking amazing

I thoroughly enjoyed this. For those having issues with the spacebar scrolling instead of interacting, try clicking within the confines of the game itself. This should allow spacebar interaction. For me the WASD did not move the character, however the arrow keys work fine as they're by default encoded into most games as a form of movement or choice. Otherwise this is very well done, and my only recommendation would be maybe add some voiceovers? Very well done though.

The game is pretty interesting but as it's still at the first episode, I still feel like it can be bettered out :)
I got a few game breaking bugs such as in the first city where we must look for shana, the policeman pushing me in a blocked frame, etc. Be careful with this kind of details and the game'll be perfect ;)

The thumbnail of the game looked promising, but after several minutes of game play i got bored (played till the superhero + explosion scene). Soooo much text and no sex scenes. But you know, that's what guys potentially will come for as you rate your game as "adult". Also, at least for me, the spacebar for interacting doesn't work. Just scrolls down the page. All in all it seems like the game works (no bugs) but that's basically all.