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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

Really tried hard to like this game, but too many stupid "puzzles"
1. the 6 events in your sisters apartment, guarantee your missing the bottom left corner of the table. Took me a while to find this.
2. I chose electricity, so when I got to the part of finding Shala I tried to follow the guide which states to follow the cables outside. I didn't see any cables and got tired of walking around and turning to everything to try and figure out where it was.
I gave up at this point, there's nothing really special about the game that made me want to continue trying or restart with a different power to get an easier path.

Also, Tried to download the desktop version but it's behind a pay wall, so the easy way of pointing the mouse to find things is out of the picture. I've got a lot better games for less than 10$, not about to pay that for a pointing feature.
Maybe try making the ? more noticeable on maps?

I cannot not get this to work on Mozilla Firefox with flash. Sorry but I cant get passed the title menu.

Maybe give us a direct link for the desktop version?

Someone really needs to explain how the segment in Emma's apartment works. I checked everything in there a bunch of times and waited like 15 to 20 minutes and nothing happened.

Kaliyo responds:

There are six items in the room you need to interact with, then the story will continue as you walk through the middle segment of the room.

In the desktop version there's a custom mouse cursor that glows when hovering above interactive objects, sadly it doesn't work in the newgrounds/html version.

I'm around halfway through at this point and I'm really unsure what to say about this.

The Gameplay:
The visual novel parts aren't my cup of tea, but from what I can gather they do their thing just fine. What isn't fine however is every single time you have to wait for something to happen (happened to me twice so far, both times in Emma's appartement). Arbitrary wait times, when there's no indication for them, are just a pain, and you shouldn't be surprised about any of the low star reviews that are stuck at Emma's. I had checked everything there was to check 3-5 times until the game decided to let me know the Wifi was open. I never knew if I was stuck or if I just had to wait. This surely needs improvement in later games
The combat segments are only okay. Only had one so far, it was easy as hell, half my skills didn't do anything (a tutorial would be nice), and I glitched through the walls several times. This needs some depth if it's to be any fun.

The story:
I haven't finished the episode, so I can't judge all of the story, but what I saw so far was bland as all hell. At first I thought it was gonna be a superhero story, but NO, it's something between Yu-Gi-Oh, Dune, and Narnia, with our hero being pulled into this faraway desert land only to find out he is THE CHOSEN ONE. Which doesn't make much sense since you've injected yourself with something your sister worked on, but maybe she is THE CHOSEN SISTER I have now idea at this point. Apart from that it's just filled with cliché characters. The evil chick is called CINDER and is a hot head, the only merchant you encounter is of course constantly trying to cheat everyone out of their money, your mentor-dude is wise and speaks only in tales, and the thugs you encounter have the brain of a pea and say not much anyways.
Even the characters we are supposed to care about are pale as paper. Emma hasn't even shown up yet, but we have to care about her because she's our sister and she was kidnapped. Rachel, our girlfriend, has spoken so far no more than 5 sentences, which is a shame because I was interested in what kind of gf we'd have, but so far she doesn't matter shit (and not once crosses our hero's mind as we fuck our way through life. I know this is the players decision, but that would be a great opportunity to give our protag some much needed depth)
From what I've seen so far, the story is this game's weakest point. Either you knock me out of my boots with some plottwists, or you step up your storytelling game, but this is so for a snoozefest for anyone who has ever read a single Fantasy-book.

The Presentation:
This is my biggest debatable point at this stage. The talk icons are really good, the RPG-maker chibis are.... well just okay, but good lord the sex scenes. I saw three so far (Jamie, the wife whose name I've already forgotten, and Shala) and apart from Shala they were both pretty bad. Jamie looks like a heavily stylized fanart of her talking icon to the point of being almost unrecognizable, while the animation is kind of choppy at this point. That could be a lot smoother, and while not dearlbreaking it deserves polish. The ritual was... kinda dumb. The writing style became annoying quickly, and the art style was so off it looked like she lacked the tip of her nose for all of it. I began skipping through this scene so that it would be over asap, and that's something you never want with a sex scene, which are seen as rewards for progression in this type of game. The fact that it's optional makes it even worse.
Shala's scene was good, however, I'll give you that. Her animation looked like her talking icon and the animation was well made. More of that, please.

All in all, I want to give this game for the ambition alone 5 stars. But all these things that bother me get it down to stars, and I'm being generous. Please polish wyour work a bit more, maybe get some more playtesting done. Good luck with your project