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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

This is pretty captivating. And the combat system really caught me off guard. Really cool so far. Good stuff

Are the movement keys arrow keys for everyone else too? or just me? I would love it to be WASD

I like how the plot pulls you in, but the gameplay could use some polishing. rather than using the mouse controls, why not use key bindings from the right half of the board?

Additionally, trying to use the access card in the neo life labs at the door in the north gives me an error message:

this._agroList is undefined.

Fun game, I had a blast playing it, unfortunately I didn't get to the end due to my computer, rip, will have to start over. The story is interesting all on its own, I enjoyed the h-scenes too, lol. Dare I ask if there is a gallery mode?

I'd love to play this because what I've seen seems interesting, but it just plays horribly on my PC. Yes, my PC is bad. But the game plays so slowly, and I can't even find an option to lower quality or anything, to hopefully see if it will run better? What engine is this made with?