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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

Having a problem here, WASD doesn't want to work on chrome for some reason which makes fights extremely problematic. I do really enjoy the game overall, there is room for improvement with issues like clipping into out of bounds areas and artwork, but I think this is a great game idea and I look forward to what comes next!

Nice job! It's an interesting story and the graphics are good. There are some "creative" uses of the English language, you give words meanings that seem odd to me. Also, there are a couple of instances where the closing exchange from a sexual encounter are repeated at a later one. For those who are stuck in the apartment, you have to walk around and around until you find a certain spot that triggers an event.

I HATE games that both a) have lots of reading and b) don't let me set the text speed to something approximating "appear instantly". You probably think it's "dramatic" or something, but it's just annoying and makes me want to skip the entire scene and hope there wasn't, against all odds, something worth reading in there.

there some bugs when you start to fight the bad guys in the desert city when you get knock back you can get stuck off the play area and not be able to get back to it also you don't jump form top of the building to the other.

errored out: Refference Error, Required is not defined.

Soon as i clicked new game. in chrome on windows 10 .