Reviews for "Aground"

I honestly think this game deserves a nomination for top game 2017 or 2018. Its storyline makes you feel like you have been shipwrecked for real! if ANYONE tries to delete this game, F*** OFF!!!

This game has A.I. that actually helps you!!!

An amazing game!! Can't wait to see the complete version of the game :D

Great game, is really addicting. I found just a bug, that my save get corrupted i guess, because i had already the dragon, but he just disapears of my bag, then i dont have the dragon and neither the red gem :C

davidmaletz responds:

Is the dragon in the Lair or Power Plant? If you place the dragon in the familiar slot of one of those, it leaves your backpack.

god i LOVE this game its top notch. i have over 15 hours in on one character. its fucking awsome how you can literaly fly island to island on a dragon or if you have the dragon armor this game just gets better and better with each update.