Reviews for "Aground"

Really enjoyed this game. Lot more to it than I thought there would be.

Was disappointed when completed it, will be great to see what comes next.

Kept me entertained for about 2 hours. Could have taken longer doing things but I tend to blitz quests to move onto the next thing.

Intially stamina was a real pain in the backside, but as goes on it was a none issue and allowed me to focus on collecting and building. Not that I would remove the stamina, game would have been too easy without that constraint.

Excellent stuff!

Great game!

At a certain point, I experienced a bug where the Wyrms wouldn't eat anymore (Steak wouldn't pop up in the menu options anymore) and I could make potions using Dragon blood either ...
I'd love to see you implement raising the Baby Dragons, by the way.
Maybe you should also give us a medal for clearing the entire field.
I'd also recommend making a couple of surprises at the bottom of the playing field (Like some monster that's REALLY hard to beat, or a secret cave that requires a special key)

What I'm really curious about: What's the titanium for?


davidmaletz responds:

The steak doesn't show up if you're out of steak. If you still had steak in your inventory, send me a PM to let me know. We have plans for raising the baby dragons and some more surprises at the bottom of the field! Titanium will have some uses on the second island of the game, but for this island, it's only use is to be sold.

Love it. This kind of game is why I love newgrounds. Properly had me addicted over 24 hours. Looking forward to the next one, as you mentioned in reddit...!

Loving this game! I had no idea it would go this far and now I'm absolutely hooked. very well thought out!
Problem! Got to the point where I'm talking to the dragon...made the mistake of attacking instead of talking and now I can only attack him and cannot access the flight/grow/feed function. Any ideas?
Also, how do you begin to grow baby dragons??

davidmaletz responds:

Did you enrage the dragon? If so, you have to defeat it (but defeating it will let you raise a new one). If not, you can defeat it or wait for it to go back to sleep (about 1-2 minutes if you're not aggroing it), then you can summon the alchemist to complete the quest.

Once the dragon is dealt with, you can grow baby dragons in the lair. Just select the familiar slot at the top, select the baby dragon you want to grow, and then select the grow option.

Such a good game! Good job!