Reviews for "Aground"

Really enjoyed this game. Lot more to it than I thought there would be.

Was disappointed when completed it, will be great to see what comes next.

Kept me entertained for about 2 hours. Could have taken longer doing things but I tend to blitz quests to move onto the next thing.

Intially stamina was a real pain in the backside, but as goes on it was a none issue and allowed me to focus on collecting and building. Not that I would remove the stamina, game would have been too easy without that constraint.

Excellent stuff!

ha. I think I killed the builder. Whoops! I thought from the first few actions that it would be a choice heavy game, and I didn't let the stranger in. Found a corpse the next day and thought nothing of it. Ha ha

Such a good game! Good job!

C'est un truc de fou ce jeu, même si c'est juste la version Flash vous pourrez déjà y passer pas mal d'heures les amis.
Promis vous allez pas le regretter du tout. Tout simplement GÉNIAL

Aron-Ato responds:

Salut! nous sommes heureux, vous avez aimé jouer. :) il y a beaucoup plus de contenu dans la version STEAM, si vous voulez continuer votre aventure!

veuillez pardonner toute erreur dans ma réponse, mes compétences en langue française sont faibles.
Et je n'ai pas beaucoup pratiqué :)

I dig it, I would say I'm borderline addicted.