Reviews for "Aground"

Like it!

I loved the game, I got every single trophy for the game, however, I do think you missed something in this build of the game, I killed a golem and it dropped titanium, which has no purpose and I cannot smelt it, however, it is worth a decent amount. Was there supposed to be a higher tier set of tools and armor?

davidmaletz responds:

Titanium will be used for higher tech upgrades on the second island. You'll be able to mine it later, but for now I added it for fun as a rare drop for the golems. It is useless (except for selling) until we add the next few updates!

To think that this is only a demo and yet I've spent 8 hours playing it. This isn't 8 hours of idle play time either its 8 hours filled with content. I'm honestly really impressed with this, can't wait to play the actual game.

Лучшая Игра

This game is quite fun and enjoyable! It reminds me of Terraria!