Reviews for "Aground"

well polished pixely mining survival game. it´s pretty easy yet enjoyable in the same time. and I also see a lot of potential for future updates. so far the game lasted something like 90 minutes which is pretty good. keep up good work. also the guy below me is right

I LOVED this game and I can't wait for more! Keep up the good work! ;)

I'll never get bored with this game. It's akin to Minecraft, but this is more fun in 8-bit.

I love this game! I can't believe it's for free! The mechanics are nice and it is really addictive.
The only one problem I have is with the medals, on the screen it says that I got them but then in the main page they are still locked.

I've literally been addicted to this game for days. It's style is so simplistic yet the game play is complex and the story is fascinating. Some aspects can be a bit tedious like traveling across and between the islands but I guess that gives it a bit of realism and some of the later enemies are a bit O.P. but I'm probably just not properly equipped yet so I can't fault the game for that. Thank you for making such a cool game!