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Reviews for "Aground"

Oh my god. This was just awesome!
I so badly want a full version of this! :D
The gameplay is now very linear and it has a very "demo-like" feel to it but that doesn't make it less good. Very interesting world with nice characters, a cute artstyle and music... I could go on and on and on... Keep up the good work!
Will we maybe see this on Steam someday? :)

davidmaletz responds:

I hope so - and we have lots of plans for improvements/updates/future islands!

Really enjoyed this game. Lot more to it than I thought there would be.

Was disappointed when completed it, will be great to see what comes next.

Kept me entertained for about 2 hours. Could have taken longer doing things but I tend to blitz quests to move onto the next thing.

Intially stamina was a real pain in the backside, but as goes on it was a none issue and allowed me to focus on collecting and building. Not that I would remove the stamina, game would have been too easy without that constraint.

Excellent stuff!

Great game and it had a lot of playtime, but I wish you could go to the other islands. It is still a great game and I would totally recommend this game. It is one of the best newgrounds game I have played.

Awesome game, a fun way to pass the time with a lot to explore. Constantly being updated with new stuff.

Loved the latest update. The wolf is the most convenient familiar thus far and the dungeon is great, but I don't know what to do with a Fire Tusk now that I have one. Or was I not supposed to kill that thing? My wolf got there first so I just finished it off. Since we can know farm pumpkins, it would be cool if there were some recipes for them, whenever you have the time to add them.

Also, not sure if new... I knew about the dragon's lair and rising them but I have now just discovered the gigantic golems underneath the fire chickens! Nothing happens when I activate them but boy!, do they look cool! I can't wait for the next update.

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you liked the update! Fire tusks do have a use, they are for the magic axe quest (which you may not have found). Pumpkins do have a use - if you select them in your inventory, you can eat or carve them, but some recipes for them would be neat too.

And yeah, the item needed to activate the golems is not available until the next island. I hope you're looking forward to future updates!

Wonderful game. It reminds me of Terraria. When this gets released on Steam you will definitely receive my money.

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you're enjoying Aground! Aground is currently available in Early Access on Steam, and we should release the full version early next year!