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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Nice concept, just painfull to have to start all over every time, if it had a checkpoint so we can fight master ninjas early would be nice.

Still the narrator is the best.

How to get the mystery rank:

1:set a bot to do a quick cycle of left, up, right and up so as to auto-deflect projectiles
2: play the game with that bot set up.
3: sit back for a minute
4: congratulations, you have obtained the rank of "dishonored"!

The people behind this game are going places. No really, it is a well-constructed game, with controls on par with meat boy and has a premise that fits with the feel of the game.

Addicting game but i wish the shurikens are a bit bigger :D

Overall 5* :D

So frustrating to defend your life from ninjas with families... I NEVER MEANT TO HURT ANYONE!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO LIVE!!!! Lol Great entertaining game xD

Really fun addictive game, unfortunately it lagged a lot, which made the game frustrating at times.